So you are involved in becoming an professional at drawing and painting the cars?  You have certainly discovered the right place!
I thought it would be a great idea to find the best resources and information on figure drawing and put it all together for everyone in a single simple location for easy reference.  Below are what I really feel to become,  many of the greatest resources for supporting you learn how to draw cars.

how to draw cars books - How To Draw Crazy Cars & Mad Monsters Like a Pro (Motorbooks Studio)

In this perfect companion to the best-selling How To Draw Cars Like a Pro, 2nd Ed., prize-winning car designer and author Thom Taylor, along with kustom legend Ed Newton, shows how to take your drawing to a whole new level and apply it to cars as crazy and monsters as mad as any designer has the nerve to dream up. Following a brief history of the form, the authors go on to discuss the principles necessary to succeed at drawing mad monsters and crazy cars, oftentimes by using examples from top illustrators past and present. Taylor’s and Newton’s expert advice extends from choosing the proper tools and equipment to using perspective and proportion, sketching, various media, and light, shadow, reflection, and color.

Author : Thom Taylor
Price : $13.63

How To Draw Crazy Cars & Mad Monsters Like a Pro (Motorbooks Studio)