So you are involved in becoming an professional at drawing and painting the cars?  You have certainly discovered the right place!
I thought it would be a great idea to find the best resources and information on figure drawing and put it all together for everyone in a single simple location for easy reference.  Below are what I really feel to become,  many of the greatest resources for supporting you learn how to draw cars.

how to draw cars books - Draw 3-D (Learn to Draw)

Provides instructions for making perspective drawings.
From the publisher: To Draw or Not to Draw: a decision (not just talent):
For many (most?) people, the wonderful artistic impulse of early childhood starts to die at some point - often between the ages of 8 and 14. Sometimes earlier. Sometimes later.
We have a theory: the artistic impulse starts to die when people decide they can't draw. That's it. They DECIDE they can't draw.
At some point, most people's drawings don't look "real" enough to please them (a normal reaction). For some, that's a challenge. They try harder. Others, however (perhaps teased by that older kid on the bus about "your stupid cat drawing," or frustrated by hearing "what's THAT supposed to be?" or worse, being told they're no good), simply DECIDE they can't draw. They "can't" draw. They give up.
(What if you gave up the first time you fell off a bicycle? Or a skateboard?)
In fact, when you're little, drawing is NOT about making things look real. Drawing is about exploration, discovery...using your fingers, hands, and arms to make marks on paper (or somewhere else). The marks don't have to LOOK real. The marks ARE real.
But - the big BUT - at some point you DO want your drawings to look real.
It is for you, at that point, that we publish Draw 3-D, along with the other books in this series. In it, you'll find clear, step by step instructions. Pictures of pretty cool stuff, drawn well: pictures to inspire you. And a very good chance to succeed on your first try.
Because when you CAN draw - especially if you thought you couldn't - well, find out for yourself....
Author : Doug Dubosque
Price : $8.95

Draw 3-D (Learn to Draw)